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Frequently Ask Questions:

Do you sell Nation Wide?

No. Typically, we sell and erect our buildings state wide (We are located just outside Lebanon, Indiana).

What type of wood do you use?

All trusses are engineered and stamped to meet or exceed codes. Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is used for any load bearing applications. Any lumber that is at or below grade is CCA treated to .80 and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We do not use an ACQ lumber on our buildings.

How are your posts set?

Posts are set generally 8 feet on center. We augur holes for each post and set a concrete pad in the bottom of each hole, for larger buildings a concrete pad is poured based on engineered requirements. Each hole depth is 48" below grade. The concrete pads prevent the post from sinking over time.

What type of of posts or columns do you use?

We typically use a three-ply laminated post. The posts are fully assembled at our manufacturing facility. A hydraulic press is used to compress the plys together. While compressed, the lumber is nailed together to ensure a strong, straight post. Southern Yellow Pine is used for all laminated posts.

Are all Pro Custom Barns insulated?

We can insulate all of our buildings. We offer many varieties of insulation. Our standard wall insulation is 6" thick and offers an R-19 value. Insulation can also be added under the roof steel. If you choose an interior liner for your building we can install a blown in insulation in attic area. Pro Custom also recommends adding Visqueen (polyethylene plastic sheeting) to the insulation package. This will eliminate any possibility of a draft.

Can I put doors and windows on my building?

Yes. Pro Custom Construction can help you design your building with entry doors, sliding doors, overhead doors, and windows placed wherever you need them. Pro Custom is a dealer with the highest quality doors, windows, and overhead doors in the industry. We also install the overhead doors, eliminating the need for you, our customer, from the inconvenience of calling another company for your overhead door.

Will my building meet code and snow and wind requirements?

Yes. Pro Custom Construction Buildings generally exceed all local codes. We also meet or exceed codes on wind and snow loads. If you have any concerns or special application, let us know and we will customize your building to your specs. Pro Custom does not inventory trusses. Each truss is made for each individual customers' needs.

Do you have dealers or subcontractors install your buildings?

We only use subcontractors for specific applications such as electric, brick or masonry, and heating and cooling. Pro Custom performs all of the other work.

What do I need to do before you can start construction?

We will come out and inspect your location for the building. We can estimate the price to build your pad. We can provide all necessary paperwork and drawings to make obtaining permits effortless. Pro Custom Construction can do a "turn key" project, or if you want to hire qualified subcontractors we can work with you.

Really our name says it all!

Professional and Custom Construction. Nothing is usual or ordinary, we can build an economical building or a fully custom building. What really separates us from our competitors is we can do a total turn key project. Most competitors erect the building and it is up to you to install overhead doors, electrical, concrete, etc.

How much are your buildings per square foot?

We can not give an estimate in this type of format. Each building has too many variables to give an accurate price. We will gladly price any size building in our system for you. This is absolutely free and takes less than 45 minutes.

Are you ready to build or have more questions?

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