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Steel - Pro Custom Construction purchases high quality steel and trim from several different suppliers. This will insure that Pro Custom will always offer the most cost effective pricing in the market today.

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Interior Insulation - Pro Custom offers 2 different styles of insulation packages. R19 fiberglass insulation in walls, R 38 fiberglass in ceiling. Your building will be completely sealed off with a vapor barrier system, insuring that your building will be comfortable and energy efficient. Looking for the ultimate in energy efficiency? Pro custom works directly with spray in foam subcontractors that are licensed specifically for that product. This can be included with any quote, just ask for the ultimate efficiency package.

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Interior liner - There are many different customizations Pro Custom offers on all interior wall configurations. The most popular is steel panels. Not exposed to the weather, we offer lower grade paint warranty for this application. This will reduce cost and save you money.

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Overhangs - Pro Custom can customize your barn with any size, any configuration of overhang. Overhangs are essentially cosmetic. Although they will increase air flow, for proper ventilation in attic area.

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Gutters - 6" color match seamless gutters are available for every building. Typical post frame buildings will come with steel gutters in sections, requiring many seams. Thus increasing the potential for leaks. With our gutters you can let your worries to rest.

Photo: Gutters 1   Photo: Gutters 2   Photo: Gutters 3

Columns - 3ply and 4ply laminated columns treated with .80 CCA will outlast any solid post. Columns are pressed and nailed with Galvanized ring shank nails. All columns are manufactured with Southern Yellow Pine resulting in a straighter, stronger column.

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Perma - Columns - Steel reinforced concrete column that is set below grade.
Perma Columns are the newest innovation in the Post Frame Building industry. The patented design combines the economy of post-frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation. This new column leaves the worries of treated lumber in the past by keeping all wood out of the ground!

Photo: Perma - Columns 1   Photo: Perma - Columns 2   Photo: Perma - Columns 3

Walk Doors and Windows - Entry doors are solid steel frame, w/ steel front and back, 1.75" thick door pressure injected w/ polyurethane foam core. R-12 insulating value. Reinforcing for lockset. We also have many different designs to choose from. Windows are hand selected for every building, from cold storage, to living space. There are virtually 100's of windows to choose from.

Photo: Doors and Windows 1   Photo: Doors and Windows 2   Photo: Doors and Windows 3   Photo: Doors and Windows 4

Overhead Doors - Pro Custom is a dealer for most any overhead door. Residential, commercial, roll up, insulated, non insulated, and bi-fold. We can also install custom color doors in 64 different powder coat colors.

Photo: Overhead Door 1   Photo: Overhead Door 2   Photo: Overhead Door 3   Photo: Overhead Door 4

Wainscot - Wainscot is a popular option that can dress up your investment. The bottom three to four feet of your sidewalls can be a complimenting color that will personalize your barn. Also, the bottom section of your barn is most at risk for a mishap. If that occurs, it is inexpensive to replace the damaged panel.

Photo: Wainscot 1   Photo: Wainscot 2   Photo: Wainscot 3   Photo: Wainscot 4

Sliding Doors - PCC does not use any wood in our sliding doors. The framing is a combination of aluminum side rails and steel box girts. Steel box girts are stronger that aluminum, they will not twist and bend like aluminum. Our sliding doors are lighter and stronger than any wood frame. Combined with the high quality rollers and track system, you can push them open with one finger.

Photo: Sliding Doors 1   Photo: Sliding Doors 2   Photo: Sliding Doors 3   Photo: Sliding Doors 4

Cupolas - PCC is also a distributor for many different cupola manufacturers. Pro Custom will help you select the proper size and shape to best compliment your new building. Weathervanes are a great addition to any cupola, or building. With over 60 different weathervanes, we are sure we can find the one that fits your taste.

Photo: Cupolas 1   Photo: Cupolas 2   Photo: Cupolas 3

Radiant floor heat - Radiant floor heat is becoming more popular every day. The most efficient way to heat your building. With options for gas powered boilers, electric powered boilers, or outside wood burning units. This system is a combination of 1/2" tubing installed in concrete floor with boilers, and pumps to circulate heat. You can also have different zones for offices, bathrooms, and living areas. This will anable you to keep different rooms at different temperatures. These systems are a little pricy at first, but over time they will pay for them selves.

Photo: Radiant floor tubing 1   Photo: Radiant floor tubing 2   Photo: Radiant floor tubing 3

Porch design options - Many different designs are available to choose from. Each porch is designed specifically for customers needs. With porches that have raised ceilings to hide ceiling fans or lights, to porches without ceilings. Soffit ceilings or steel ceilings, 4x6 posts, or 3 ply posts, cedar wrapped, or no maintenance steel wrapped. As you can see the options are endless. Even if you plan to hang a porch swing, we can add extra framing to certain areas that ensure a solid mount. We will even hang your swing for you. Porch miters are a great way to enhance your building. Please feel free to look over some completed porches.

Photo: Porch design options 1   Photo: Porch design options 2   Photo: Porch design options 3

Concrete floors, approaches, and side walks - All concrete is designed for the amount of weight you plan to have in your building. Popular floor thickness is 4" on most any residential applications, although on agricultural building might get as thick as 8". This will be determined when your building is in the design stages. Along with your sales associate, you both will determine the best type of floor that will perform to your needs. We will take everything into factor on floor finish, glass finish on interior shop areas, make clean up a snap. All exterior concrete usually has a broom finish, enabling you to walk around safe on those cold, icy, winter days. Equestrian buildings normally have a broom, or textured finish, insuring your horses will travel safely down isles, without any slips or falls.

Photo: preparing for concrete floors   Photo: cutting concrete floors   Photo: concrete floors

Horse stalls and arenas - There is no standard horse stall or arena. Do to the different preferences each horse owner or horse boarder has. Pro Custom is a distributor for hundred of different horse stalls enableling you to find the one that best fits your needs. From sub grade drainage to automatic waterier, PCC will be the only contractor, you have to work with. Eliminating all headaches in dealing with all other sub contractors.

Photo: Horse Stalls 1   Photo: Horse Stalls 2   Photo: Horse Stalls 3   Photo: Horse Stalls 4

Electric and utilities - Pro Custom also covers this aspect. Working directly with licensed subs in there specialized field, day in day out. PCC only uses preferred installers, and suppliers from out network. Again eliminating all headaches in your construction project.

Photo: Electric and utilities 1   Photo: Electric and utilities 2   Photo: Electric and utilities 3

Living areas - Ever more popular day by day, post frame living areas are growing rapidly in the US. Most post frame buildings are almost impossible to detect. Keep in mind that any materials that can be install on any house, most definitely can be installed on post frame. Once again, proving that our specialized crews cover absolutely all aspects of construction.

Photo: Living areas 1   Photo: Living areas 2   Photo: Living areas 3   Photo: Living areas 4

Solar tubes - These sky lights are a new innovation in transferring light to any room. Natural light is directed from a dome on roof, and directed through a mirror tube. The appearance on the interior, imitates a light. Solar tubes are very bright, and a great way to reduce energy cost.

Photo: Solar tubes 1   Photo: Solar tubes 2   Photo: Solar tubes 3   Photo: Solar tubes 4

Dormers - Any size, any shape dormer can be added to any building. Dormers are a great way to introduce light in attics, storage areas, or second floor living areas. Pro Custom assists you in the proper size and shape that best fits your building.

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